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Welcome to the Members' Choice Awards

For 8 years now we have been gathering feedback from users of contact center products and services around the world and have been awarding those vendors with satisfied customers the prestigious Members' Choice Award.

Give Feedback

How the Awards benefit you, the purchaser of products and services:

The Members' Choice Award is a prestigious award presented to the company in each category who has the highest overall score for their region of the world. As scores are based on Customer Satisfaction, those vendors who win this award can be deemed as leaders in the field.

Those who also earn the right to be Certified for Customer Satisfaction have achieved top box levels of customer satisfaction in the year they applied.

Vendors cannot buy these awards or certifications and there is no bias towards vendors of any kind, large or small.

This award helps give you peace of mind that what a vendor says can be backed up. Insist those vendors you buy from are Members' Choice Award winners and/or are certified for Customer Service.

Purchasers of contact center products and services -View past award winners

Receive Feedback

Here's how the program works:

  1. You register your company into the awards
  2. Select the products and or services you sell
  3. Invite your customers to Give-Us-feedback (Give-us-feedback.com) on your products and service (we provide some useful tools to make this easy!)
  4. We gather the data and give you access to the reports from customers
  5. At the end of the program we award the Members' Choice Awards and those who are certified get the opportunity to use the Certified for Customer Service logo!

Benefits for industry vendors:

The Members' Choice Award is a highly prized award that differentiates you from others. If you achieve certification this adds tremendous credibility to your sales pitches - how many of your competitors can prove they have satisfied customers from The Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking?

Apart from entering to win an award, you will also receive ongoing feedback from customers on your products and services - this will help you focus your business.

Voting closes October 31st 2012 - Enter Now!

More information on entering the awards

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