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Vendor Benefits

We have added the opportunity to receive not only the top award as an industry vendor, but Certification for Customer Satisfaction!

It's easy!

  • Vendors - enter your company into the program
  • ContactCenterWorld.com confirms your entry and issues you a unique customer ID
  • You send out communications to your customers to come and score your products AND your customer service - you can also add links to your emails and banners like this to your website!

  • Voting closes October 31st 2012
  • All scores are received directly by ContactCenterWorld.com
  • After 3 months, ContactCenterWorld.com will work out all your scores and send you a username and password to review your feedback - you will not see individual feedback scores or names associated with the comments and scores, just averages and total scores for the year in which the majority of votes were received
  • All companies who score 80% or more in customer satisfaction will earn certification which they can use immediately in all marketing materials.
  • ContactCenterWorld will provide access to scores for you to review. They are continually updated as new votes are received
  • The winner of each category will be named around 1st December 2012

The list of awards that are available in the Members Choice Awards include those for best: (one award each for best in Americas, EMEA and APAC available)

  • Best Analytics Solution
  • Best Hosted Solution
  • Best Self service Solution
  • Best Workforce Management solution
  • Best Help Desk Solution
  • Best Training Company
  • Best Consultancy
  • Best Phone system
  • Best Multi-channel contact center solution
  • Best Quality Monitoring / Recording Solution
  • Best VoIP Solution
  • Best Performance Management Solution
  • Best Recruitment Solution
  • Best Tech Innovation Vendor Solution


The awards are entirely based on the quality of feedback via a voting system - not based on quantity, however, entrants have to reach a minimum level of votes for validity.

The awards are broken down into regions so that if a company excels in one part of the world, they cannot claim excellent customer satisfaction world wide.

Global awards are available and these are based on the entrant winning the Members' Choice Award in several regions.

How many customers do I need to poll?

The awards and certification are based on a statistically valid confidence rating with a 5% margin of error. For example, a company with 10,000 customers will need 264 customers to poll or a company with 50 customers will need 43. To find out how many you will need simply enter the total number of customer below to calculate how many votes you need.

Number of Customers:       Customer Responses Needed:

Sample Data Analysis

Click on the following thumbnails for full view.

Easy to give you feedback
We have created a special landing page for all industry vendors - an alternative to direct links we can provide that will take your customers directly to your feedback forms.

Personalized feedback page
We have created a personalized feedback page where your customers can see your logo and name.

Overview of customer satisfaction scores
View your overall performance and see an individual breakdown of scores by area with results for each area clearly visible.

Follow-up with any dissatisfied customers
If you have any dissatisfied customers you can view a list who have allowed us to pass on their details to you. You will also be able to view free format comments from all customers.

Costs For Entry

You will be asked to select between one and three regions depending upon where your customers are based. The three regions are EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), AMERICAS (North and South America) and APAC (Asia Pacific). If you operate in more than one area of the world i.e. USA, UK and France you can enter 2 regions (Americas for USA and EMEA for UK and France).

There are 2 options for entry - FREE or PREMIUM. After you have entered the program you will have 30 days to decide which entry option you require allowing you to effectively trial the program for 30 days at no cost!

The FREE program allows you to enter. You will not receive full data analysis or the ability for certification, only entry into the Awards.

The PREMIUM program covers full program access to data, the possibility for certification and awards. You pay one initial entry fee for the company which includes entry for a single region. If entering in more than one region you do not pay the full initial entry fee for the additional areas, instead a reduced fee for additional regions applies per additional area.

  • Single region: $595
  • Two regions: $595 + $295 = $890
  • All three regions: $595 + $295 + $295 = $1185
Initial annual entry fee per company$595 1
Per region $295 2

For marketing purposes you can only use the Members' Choice Award Winners and / or Customer Satisfaction Certified logo in one area of the world - each logo is customized by region so that if you operate in, say, the USA and UK, and the USA earns the Award and/or certification, the logo certification will state AMERICAS and this may only be used by the Americas team.

The initial annual entry fee is for 12 months of customer satisfaction monitoring and access to the results.

All billings are in Canadian funds.

1 $ 433.83 USD / € 407.51 EUR / £ 351.65 GBP / $ 673.46 AUD*
2$ 215.09 USD / € 202.04 EUR / £ 174.35 GBP / $ 333.90 AUD*

* All currency conversions are approximate.

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