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Enter The Members' Choice Awards Top Ranking Performers - Vendor Awards & Certification

Why Enter?

  • Win The Members' Choice Top Ranking Performer Award For Your Category
    This prestigious award puts you at the very top of the best vendors in your category based on customer feedback. There is no better accolade than this!
  • Certified for Customer Satisfaction
    If you achieve certification, you can add the Customer Satisfaction Certification logo to all your marketing materials to show how great your service is to existing and potential customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers and staff.
  • Feedback From Your Customers
    We will pass you comments and the actual scores across all areas from the aggregate of customers who scored your service. This will allow you to review what your customers are saying and where they see your strengths. Confidentiality will remain so customers personal details will not be passed on and none of your statistics will be shared with anyone other than your company.
  • Winners Circle
    We will be featuring winners prominently through a winners' circle feature on ContactCenterWorld.com which will last a whole year and have prominence on our home page as well as the special feature site for Customer Satisfaction Certification.
  • Published Interviews
    We will publish interviews with the winners and include web links to winners websites.

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Customer Satisfaction Certification
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