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Terms applying to the Members' Choice Awards from ContactCenterWorld.com (host)
By entering the program the company entering 'entrant' agrees to all the terms below.
  1. The Members' Choice Award is presented to the company in each category who attains the highest overall score for that category from valid votes. The award is based on regions i.e. The Americas which covers entrants in North & South America
  2. Entering does not guarantee certification. Certification is only available to entrants who can demonstrate exceptionally high customer satisfaction scores of at least 80% or more in one or more surveys.
  3. The entrant must meet the requirements in terms of the number of responses needed to achieve a statistically accurate 90% confidence rating with 5% margin of error - the exact number is available on the entry form.
  4. No individual data will be shared - all responses are confidential and grouped and entrants will have a report on the average of the group.
  5. The Members' Choice Award is only awarded once the host can confirm the scores meet the minimum required.
  6. In the event any customer is pressed into providing positive responses on behalf of their entrant, the entrant will be disqualified from the program and forfeit all fees paid.
  7. Unless requested by the customer at time of voting, no customers will be contacted for other services by ContactCenterWorld.com
  8. In the event an entrant receives submissions from customers in regions other than those specified in the application process, these will be considered void and no data will be provided to the entrant.
  9. The entry fee is payable once for the year.
  10. The host will randomly conduct reviews of votes and may contact customers to confirm their relationship with the entrant. All such checks and security measures to ensure the integrity of the program are proprietary and the host is under no obligation to disclose the processes used.
  11. The Members' Choice Award logo and Customer Satisfaction logos can only be used by winners and those certified respectively. Any entrant wrongfully claiming certification or award winning status at any stage shall be subject to legal action and all legal costs will be borne by the entrant.
  12. The Members' Choice Award logo and The Customer Satisfaction Certification logo's cannot be amended or changed without the express written consent of the host. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action.
  13. The host can change or amend the program at any stage.
  14. Any entrant who does not pay for the program at the required time will be disqualified and their name may be published online on the hosts website.

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